Taxation and financial law

Provision of services in the issues related to taxation and financial law, as well as services for taxpayers in the issues related to bookkeeping: for businessmen, other legal entities and physical persons, for residents of Latvia and European Union and non-residents

Tax planning, structuring of international and local transactions in compliance with requirements of the normative acts of Latvia and the European Union

Consulting and representation of taxpayer’s interests in tax administration in any administrative procedure

Contestation of the decisions adopted by tax administration, representation of the taxpayer’s interests in administrative courts

Preparation of the documents, which are to be submitted to tax administration (applications, references and requests for references, declarations, reviews, notifications and other documents)

Administrative law

Representation of physical persons and legal entities in administrative procedure in state administration bodies and municipal institutions, preparation of applications on the contestation or appeal against the decisions adopted in the administrative procedure; representation of the client’s interests in court in the administrative procedure

Commercial law

Formation of businessmen, their registration in the commercial register
Purchase, sale, due diligence of companies
Reorganization and liquidation of businessmen
Legal servicing of businessmen, preparation of agreements, as well as other documents, which are necessary for the client


Representation of creditors in insolvency procedure,
preparation of applications on insolvency,
consulting on issues related to insolvency

Debt collection

Preparation of claims, notifications, conduct of negotiations between debt-collector and debtor, debt collection through the court

Legal proceedings

Representation of the client’s interests in the courts of all instances in civil procedure, administrative procedure, representation of the complainant’s interests in criminal procedure. Litigation in arbitration courts.

Labour law

Composition of employment agreements, as well as other documents related to staff management
Representation of clients’ interests in cases of individual and collective employment disputes
Client consulting on the individual and collective discharge of employees
Execution of work and residence permits

Other services

Resolution of other civil procedural issues and non-standard disputes
Consulting on the possibilities, choice and consequences of the solution of legal issues from the point of view of business management
Summarization of normative acts, which correspond to the client’s branch of activity, evaluation of the influence of normative acts on the branch of activity of a businessman